Some 200 people gathered to form the “Assembly of the people of Alpedrete”

  1. After studying and debating on the methods of public meetings as proposed by the “Districts Comission of Sol”, it is approved by consensus to follow these methods during meetings. Consequently, a moderator, an organizer of turns for speakers, and a secretary, are chosen. A two-hour time-limit is decided on. The name “Assembly of the People of Alpedrete” is agreed on and chosen by consensus.
  2. The assembly debated and voted at length on questions of organization.
    • It was agreed upon to draw up a bulletin of the report on paper, to be distributed throughout the village, either as leaflets or as notices at bus stops or other public places, as well as a blog. Voluntaries were offered for both tasks.
    • It was agreed upon to keep in constant contact with the Comission of Districts and that of Comunication of Puerta del Sol, using the web, plus any possible media at the disposal of the assemblies of villages and districts.
    • Spokesmen were chosen for the Regional Assembly of Villalba, May 28th, strictly to inform and reach a common agreement before the general assembly of districts and villages of Puerta del Sol, on the morning of Sunday 29th May.
    • The possibility of opening a discussion group in internet was debated on at length, but no consensus was reached. Other proposals were examined, but did not receive support; e.g. An “indignant” card, a forum in internet, organize relations with the press.
    • It was agreed that all tasks should be carried out in previously convoked open commissions, so that anyone who wishes may participate.
      This was decided so as to avoid the possible manipulation by a few, and also to maintain the horizontal, open structure of the whole process.
    • It was agreed that the next assembly should take place Sunday 5th June, at 12.00 midday, in Parque de las Columnas. An area for children, creche, plus entertainment, will be provided.
  3. A condemnation of the police intervention in Barcelona was approved amidst general applause, and support of the participants in the camp-out of Placa de Catalunya was expressed.
  4. It was decided not to make any statement concerning the continuation of the Puerta del Sol camp-out, considering the companions of the camp in a better position to evaluate the situation. It was decided to support any decision taken by the General Assembly of Sol.
  5. It was decided that the first point in the order of the day of the next assembly be “Mechanisms of participative democracy (electoral law, fight against corruption, separation of powers, creation of mechanisms of control over politicians, etc.)
  6. A turn for speakers to present proposals and reflexions in general, was opened. However, all possible consensus was postponed until the next assembly. These were as follows:
    • the creation at national level of a commission of basic rights.
    • the creation of the mechanisms of a system for voting through internet.
    • a blog which clearly reflects the starting points of the the 15M movement, taken from the web of the Sol camp. (http.//
    • for the decisions to be taken through votes rather than consensus.

The assembly ended at 14.14. The next assembly will take place SUNDAY JUNE 5th, AT 12, IN THE PARQUE DE LAS COLUMNAS.



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